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ENSYSCORING is an IT company focused in the industrial software development. Knowledge of the new technology trends, of the industry, understanding different cross-segment domains and the international experience enable us in providing right solutions to our customers.

Your partner for digitization

Continuous changes in the new digital economy models oblige majority enterprises adapting business models, optimize majority workflows in order to speed up products and services delivery. All this you need to gain a competitive position on the market again. We support your way towards the successful digitization of your business processes.


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We intervene in the following fields

You have a target to digitize and automate processes. We support you through to re-consideration, optimization and automation of your workflows. There are so many things you do can do in your business differently using latest technologies.


Multidisciplinary knowlegde in the engineering like mechanics, electronics, embedded systems, real time, signal processing, wired and wireless communication systems enables us to understand your devices and their life-cycle in the specific environment. This is a key element to your tailored solution.


High availability and bulk loads change the system architecting  coming from monolyths to micro-services. They demand new approaches in terms of scaling and resources consumption.

System architecting, product and project oriented approaches show your system from different views. They quantify the gaps to the potential improvment of your system.

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People, tools, skills and infrastructure at your service

We can provide our own hardware infrastructure: scalable server up to 384GB RAM suitable for private cloud and AI solutions, separated RAID 1 - based storage up to 8TB. We enable your remote access through a secured VPN/SSL connection to see the current development state.

We work mostly remote but we can be present on your site up to 30% of project time after the agreement. Our engineers speak english, german, french and slovak. We can provide the infrastructure (IT Lab), hardware, software licenses.

Keeping your values in motion

Only the innovative approaches and the creativity ensure the identity of your business stays intact. We can go further together and to come up with new mindset on your business. It enables you seeing out of the box. Let us re-think your workflows together and we will find out the best fit for your business values and their position on the market. 

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We will be happy to support your digital transformation.


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